Modules Covered

This stock market training course intents to cover different areas which give in-depth knowledge to any new or existing traders regarding the current market situation, the direction of the market and other knowledge which will enable a trader to choose stocks.


News Analysis(1st week)

The market is rallied with relevant news prevailing in the market. A trader should be well known for the trading news in the current market. Thus judgement or analysis of news becomes vital. Wrong interpretation of news results in loses. News analysis to study how to judge news and how it will affect the market or stock.


Index Analysis(1st week)

Indexes of the Indian market are the tyre of the Indian stock market. Index analysis is done to understand the direction of the market, to judge the manipulator of the index and soon.


Stock Analysis(3 weeks)

Being a Trader, he or she should judge the movements of a few stocks to analyze the same. This will make trader informative regarding the relevant stock, Which will help to choose stocks in realtime trading.


Fundamental Session

Inclusive of the fundamentals of the market which will be a kick start for the trader.


Technical Session

Along with the fundamentals, technical will give strength to the trader entries and exit points.


Doubt Session

A trader can approach the mentor for weekend doubts sessions which brings more clarity in trading.

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